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4 Critical Things That Has Exposed Shane Stamford

If you’re here to research Shane Stamford and whether he is real or not, you’re in the right place. After years of scamming and ripping people off, he now deserves to be exposed.

Reddit Thread With Proof

Recently an entire thread on Reddit went up by user “ApprehensiveNarwhal”

Many community members chimed on their own experiences dealing with Shane and the different events that happened to them including fraud, arrests, scams and more.

You can read the details on the Shane Stamford Reddit here

Arrested for HMRC fraud

Nothing is worse than teaching a course on buying and selling businesses and then being arrested for tax fraud. Even if this information makes it sound like you are something you are not, at the end of the day, you are in a position of significant danger.

When it has been found out that you are deceitful, your personal brand will immediately collapse and getting it back on track will be more difficult.

Here is his profile stating that he is ex-HMRC

shame stamford 1024x406 - 4 Critical Things That Has Exposed Shane StamfordAnd here is the news about his arrest…

2019 06 21 0945 - 4 Critical Things That Has Exposed Shane Stamford

Stealing Content From Other Programs

From the Reddit post directly…

SQF strategy breakdown: To put it simply, its a copy of all other guru’s program, in particular, Jeremy Harbour! The concept is simple… 1) Target distressed businesses that are in financial/operational problem, 2) Reach out to the business owners and negotiate a success-fee to turn their business around i.e. improve the business profit (sales/revenue), 3) Get a piece of equity of the business IF it is successfull in increasing their profit, 4) repeat! This method is no different than what Jeremy Harbour teaches, Carl Allen, Jonathan Jay, Moran Pober etc. and this method is in MANY books that you can buy from Amazon under topics like Buying a business without your own money, Buy a business using other peoples money (opm) etc. etc. So, Shane has slammed all the books and courses together and made his own trademark SQF! Btw, Shame admitted attending Jeremy Harbour course (twice) and met Chen and a few others groupies there.

(This sounds easy on paper but you will need experience in the relevant industry, ability to turnaround and restructure businesses, tax, finance/accountancy etc.) – Now does an average Jo possess this knowledge? If not, they have lost £10k + £500 retainer!)

Dan Pena Exposing Him

If you haven’t watched this video yet, do so NOW. Dan Pena speaks the truth on Shame Stamford..